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Hot and Cold Seafood Marketing Solutions


Merchandising in retail and in the food business involves presenting products and foods to customers. It is not as if you can just lay the seafood out on a table for people to choose from. This would be unsanitary and would not be alluring to customers. Instead, you want to get fine display cases for the seafood items carried in your establishment.

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Hot Seafood

The hot items, already cooked to serve, need to have clear and bright presentation to customers. They will also need displays that keep the seafood at a certain temperature, according to health code. The seafood merchandiser you hire should already know this while being entirely capable of creating some of the finest merchandising around so you can stay ahead of the competition.

A hot bar is almost always attractive to your customers, especially if they are hungry and ready to eat. To make it easier for them, also provide an eating area with tables and utensils. You can keep it simple, but this creates an environment more welcoming to all.

Cold Seafood

The majority of your customers in a fresh market will want to be able to buy fresh, cold seafood and cook it themselves. Much like the hot bars, cold seafood cases need to present the cold food in a clear and orderly manner. Also like the hot food bars, these cases need to be kept cool enough to prevent spoiling of the cold fish but also to maintain a fresh taste.

The fresher to seafood, the less cooking time it takes and the flavors are more pronounced. Your establishment should have good merchandising all around. This is one of the best ways to keep customers coming in. Good, clean presentation of the seafood makes people feel safe with the food and makes them return.

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